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Chinchilla Cage

The Chinchilla Cage ? Things You Need to Know If You Want a Happy PeWritten

So, what kind of things should you take into account to determine which cage will be the best for your chinchilla? Here are some tips that may be helpful.

Size of the cage

This happens to be one of the most important things you should consider. What is important to remember is that chinchillas like not only climbing but also jumping. You should choose a cage that offers a lot of height instead of width. Although Parrot or Ferret cages are less expensive, they are not suitable, instead, go for those specifically designed to house chinchillas.

The best thing about tall cages is that they come with different levels, so they provide the perfect environment to allow your pet to climb. This means that your chinchilla, even while in his cage, will have an exercise that will ensure that it stays healthy.

The material of the cage

As for chinchilla cages made of metal, they can cost more, but you will find them much easier to maintain. The problem, of course, with plastics is that chinchillas like to chew and will cause considerable damage to these types very quickly. Once damaged, they become difficult to clean and, as a result, the risk of bacterial growth is increased. This will cause health problems for your pet.


Another thing you should look for if you intend to move your chinchilla cage regularly is one that comes with wheels at the base. Remember that not only are these cages large, but they will weigh a lot compared to a cage in which a ferret, rabbit or parrot will be kept. Therefore, having wheels in the base (preferably those that can be locked) will significantly facilitate moving the cage from one place to another.

The floor of the cage

There is also a variety of floor coverings that will make a chinchilla feel more comfortable. You can choose between poplar, pine and hardwood chips. With these, the chinchilla can make a habit of digging in these shavings as it does in the wild.

One endpoint with the chinchilla cages you should look for is a removable tray for easy cleaning. This will save you a lot of time and effort if you can take out a tray when you have to clean your cage. And, of course, this tray must be covered with a coating material. Softwood chips are best, however, be careful not to get pine or cedar shavings without drying because they contain aromatic oils that damage chinchillas.

Types of chinchilla cages

You can get plastic and metal cages. The metal frame is better because it is easier to clean and can not be eaten by your pet. Since chinchillas love to chew objects, plastic cages should be avoided. If you get a plastic cage for your chinchilla, do not be surprised if you need to replace it quickly. Metal cages are also easier to clean maintain. Plastics are harder to clean and are good grounds for bacteria that will accumulate in the cage.