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Tunnel Bear Vs PIA comparison

Choosing a VPN is an uphill task these days. One provides this and other provides that. Here is comparison between Tunnel Bear vs PIA (Private Internet Access) to make your decision easy. Two main aspects are always in the minds of VPN users. A) Security

  1. B) Cost

Security conscious users must ask the following questions while choosing a VPN provider.

  1. Does the country, in which the VPN provider is located, sustains some laws or compliance for the private policy?
  2. Does the provider Save No Logs of their customer’s online policy?
  3. Does the provider accept the security enhancing payments such as Bit coin?

If the answers of these questions are in YES, security conscious users can go for such VPN provider.

Tunnel Bear operates from Canada. Canadian government has instructed ISPs to save logs of their clients’ online activities. If ISPs are today to save logs, VPN providers might be the next. But for the time being Tunnel Bear spares the client’s log from saving.

 Private Internet Access is based in United States. In United States, ISPs and VPN providers have options to legally collect logs of their users’ online activities. PIA chooses to keep no records of their users’ online activities. PIA also accepts crypto currencies (Bitcoin) as payment for subscriptions.

Security Packages comparison:

Tunnel Bear

 Tunnel Bear’s security package Includes:

  1. Strong encryption (AES-256)
  2. Solid tunneling protocols (IKEv2 and Open VPN)
  3. Kill switch

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access’ security Package includes:

  1. Changeable encryption standards (AES-128 and AES-256)
  2. Open VPN tunneling protocol
  3. Kill switch

Cost Comparison

Competitive price has been a great challenge for both of the above mentioned VPN providers. Both rank at the bottom as compared to other VPN providers. While Private Internet Access offers better rates as compared to Tunnel Bear’s offers. Their monthly charges are a bit higher than their annual subscription.

Private Internet Access’ rate is $3.33/month for annual subscription. If you choose to pay as per their monthly plan the rate will reasonably go to $6.95/month. If you commit to go for two years’ subscription-plan the rate will be reduced to $2.95/month. They will charge $34.98 twice in two years. In total, it will cost $69.95.

The good news is Private Internet Access provides 7-day money back guarantee.

Tunnel Bear’s rate is $9.99/month with monthly payment plan. Their annual subscription with month-to-month plan reduces to $5.00/month. Tunnel Bear offers free 512 MB of data per-month. It is their free level of services. Moreover, users are offered 1 GB of data each month on tweeting about Tunnel Bear’s services.

Unfortunately, Tunnel Bear does not offer any kind of money back guarantee.

Global Server Coverage: VPN users also seek for server’s global coverage. Here again, Private Internet Access takes the lead. Private Internet Access currently has 3,402+ servers in 33 countries around the globe. While Tunnel Bear has its global server coverage in 20 countries.

Application offers:

Private Internet Access offers native apps for the Windows, iOS, macOS, Linux and Android device platforms. PIA offers up to 8 supported platforms overall. In addition, Opera, Firefox and Google Chrome platforms extensions are available. Tunnel Bear’s device support is a bit more limited. It excludes Linux and Android. It offers only 4 supported platforms. The provider does offer extensions for the Chrome and Opera browser platforms.