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Where to Find a Large Sweater For the Dog

In the cold season, many dogs need warming. Every day large dog sweater for our four-legged friends becomes more and more popular. It can be purchased at any specialized pet clothing store, however, you can make some items of dog’s wardrobe yourself.

Taking Measurements

When measuring, take into account that the pet will be active in the finished sweater and therefore immediately make corrections for a few centimeters:

  • product length (from collar to tail)
  • product width (between the front and rear paws)
  • back and chest
  • distance between paws
  • waist (abdomen)
  • girth of paws
  • the girth of the neck.

The peculiarity of a sweater for a dog is that the back is usually knitted wider and longer, especially for dachshunds, models need a longer length. Let’s take a step-by-step step for beginners on how to tie a warm sweater for a dog with his own hands.

Selection of Yarn and Knitting Needles

Yarn and knitting needles are chosen together. Depending on the model, you need to choose knitting needles. If the model is raglan, which you will meet very often, then definitely the choice is in favor of stocking knitting needles. Ordinary knitting needles with ears will serve as good friends for classic designs. Yarn for your pet you need to carefully choose, cheap and cold are not suitable.

Do it Yourself

Before starting work, it is necessary to knit a sample of the selected knit by typing 10 loops. After knitting 3 cm, measure the length of the resulting sample and calculate how many need to dial the loops on the finished product.

Each model has its instructions that belong only to it. We will indicate the points that will be required for some models:

  • each part of a sweater or vest can be knitted separately, with subsequent stitching, or it can be knitted round, without seams;
  • can be knitted with sleeves (sweaters, sweaters) and without sleeves (vests).
  • Experienced knitters can apply a different pattern for knitting (braids, paths, colored ornament).
  • use different thread colors when working, the product will benefit from this.
  • the finished product can be decorated with beads, ribbons, embroidery, lace, fur trim.

The sweater is ready. It remains to decorate it as your fantasy suggests. It can be supplemented by a cap with holes for the ears or a hood.

Knitted jacket for a dog knits in the same way, only this model will be knitted not round, but based on the inside face on two knitting needles. Measurements and patterns will need the same. At the waist, you can slightly change the style and switch to elastic. Such a model will look especially good on miniature lady-dogs with a sophisticated waistline.