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A Brief Review Avast Secure Browser

Many browsers let you find any information you need on the Internet. However, only some of them offer safety features and tools to help you get the best possible experience. One of them is the Avast Secure browser. You must have heard of Avast. Its antivirus software is one of the leading solutions on the market. Now, the company developed a safe browsing tool that’s worth your attention for several reasons. Let’s find out more about them as well as other peculiarities of the program.

A General Overview of the Browser

Avast Secure Browser is fast, confidential, and safe. You can download it for free at the official website for any Windows-running device. It supports versions 10, 8.1, 8, and 7. You’ll also need at least 400 Mb free space on your hard drive. These requirements must be met.

One of the peculiarities that you don’t need to have Avast Antivirus to start using the browser. Since it was developers by the experts that develop antivirus software, it’s not the same as any other option. Avast Secure browser is secure but it doesn’t watch your every move when you are looking for something. In the Avast Browser review, you can learn all the technical details about the program.

The Advantages you are Sure to Enjoy

The interface is very straightforward and convenient. It looks a lot like Chrome, so you are likely to feel well-adjusted fast.  However, it brings lots of advantages to the table. They include:

  1. The integrated anonymity features hide your identity and protect your actions from third-party sources.
  2. Higher performance speed is achieved by blocking the ads. This way, more actual data is downloaded and you see the sites faster. The feature also blocks the ads you see when watching videos. No more interruptions or cluttered interfaces.
  3. Protection of your personal information. All the features you can see in the settings of the browser were created to avoid suspicious websites, phishing sites, hackers’ attacks, identity thefts, etc. You can safely watch the web pages and do online shopping without the risk of getting your credit card information stolen.

Useful Tips to Consider

While this browser seems so good you start wondering if you even need antivirus, you should still remember that it has other goals. Yes, this browser keeps you safe and anonymous. However, there are some complex threats only reliable antivirus engines can recognize. Use this browser as an extra layer of protection, not as the only one.

It might be reasonable to get Avast Antivirus. The company makes all its products complete each other to deliver smooth performance and complete protection. If you are tight on the budget, you’ll be glad to find out that there is a free edition. It’s limited, of course, but still has more than other free antivirus programs offer. Otherwise, you can upgrade to any premium version and enjoy lots of helpful features and tools.

The Avast Secure browser comes with some extra tools like AdBlock, SecureLine VPN, spyware protection, a password manager, etc. Keep in mind that it protects you from Flash-based content unless you allow it in the settings. This is very helpful and convenient.

The Verdict

All in all, if you are looking for a safe browsing tool, this can be a perfect solution. It’s simple, straightforward, light, perfect for those who already have Avast Antivirus. Moreover, it’s free. You can protect your personal information and avoid multiple annoying ads using a free tool. How impressive is that? It also has simple requirements but works on Windows-running devices only.